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Egypt is one of the largest countries in exporting garlic to the world, as it occupies the fourth position, and this is due, of course, to the quality of Egyptian garlic and its good reputation around the world. To detect from specialized plant centers.

Egypt is distinguished by the export of purple garlic, which is rich in definition, which is characterized by large heads, huge lobes, and a wonderful violet color. The price per ton varies according to the number of heads and their size in centimeters. Egypt is distinguished for exporting fresh garlic in its harvest season, as the export begins in February and continues until the end of the quantity available for export. Garlic is one of the main crops exported from Egypt.

Cultivation period: from September to October.
Harvest period: from February to April.
Export period: from February to March.
Package type: 5 kg carton – 5 kg bag – 5 kg stick – 10 kg bag


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